Insadong – The Ultimate Convergence of Art & Antiques

South Korea is a country attachment legs tourists worldwide with beautiful nature seasons. Korea Tourism brings great feelings about features of traditional oriental modern but equally with many famous scenic spots around the country.

When visiting the city of Seoul, visitors can not miss the famous pedestrian street of Insadong. Coming here you not only discover the typical traditional beauty of Korean culture but also can shop for handcrafted souvenirs and enjoy exquisite famous romantic Korean tea.

Peaceful setting along the pedestrian street of Insadong

Insadong neighborhood located?
Insadong is a street stretching from Jongno-yiga to Anguk-dong crossroads in the center of Seoul. The main street is Insadong-gil, is connected with innumerable alleys bring tourists from the modern galleries of souvenirs and tea shops, famous as home to many cultures unique, harmonious combination between tradition and modernity. Along this beautiful city is a series of shops built in traditional Korean style that sells antiques, pictures, souvenirs, Hanbok …

Modern look at a street corner Insadong you’ll walk along this beautiful city you will encounter a beautiful store was built according to ancient Korean architecture, wooden and ceramic, front door with graceful green feeling relaxed and impressive visual impact of visitors. In each small lane on each street of Insadong pedestrian zone is the presence of a continuation of the shop located next to each other. It sold everything from paintings, antiques, souvenirs, bookstore until the snack bar … to best serve the needs of visitors to Seoul.

What to see, buy something at Insadong?

Insadong area is not only a favorite of the Korean people but also foreign tourists admired voted the best place to be in Seoul – which represent the heart of the traditional culture and crafts of Korea. Visit Insadong, you can explore the unique cultural mix of traditional and modern Korean water through accessories handmade items, such as Hanbok, hanji (traditional paper), pottery and the folk crafts. Besides, Insadong street is also known by the existence of the tea shop very unique and delicious.

Shopping Ssamzie-gil is considered the most unique places Insadong street walking. Coming here, tourists from South Korea will not be overwhelmed by a four-story building with more than 70 large and small stores. Stepping inside, this shopping area is really becoming a tangled maze with the incredibly cute turn lane. Insadong tourists can comfortably visit and choose for themselves like the items in a series of pictures, furniture, handicrafts, domestic items, ceramics and traditional paper.

The job can not forget when to Insadong: 

1.Buying souvenirs

You can choose the cute little gift from ceramics to give as gifts to friends. These sets of chopsticks and spoons also sold a lot in the old quarter Insadong.Khi buy items made of ceramics, you will be the shop owners packed into the box extremely careful.

2. Enjoy a traditional meal of Korean

Guests can easily enjoy a traditional meal at the restaurant in the alleyway in Insadong.
3. Visit art galleries

Gana Art Space Gallery in Insadong. There are lots of pottery are on display in the galleries.
4. Discover alley

An alleyway in Insadong with countless restaurants and bars. A few restaurants in town is using the sunlight to dry food. You will easily catch the eyes of the image anhvui cat sleeping when walking around the alley.
5. Take a picture with Hanbok

At Insadong has numerous shops Hanbok traditional clothing and you can visit any one studio to take pictures souvenir

6. Shopping in Ssamzigil

Opened in 2004, Ssamzigil is a four-story building with more than 70 shops selling paintings, handicraft items, materials activities, ceramics, traditional paper … The basement of the area where presentation Ssamzigil selling handicraft items. At the top floor of Ssamzigil area, you will see many messages in the romantic love of the couple.

7. Relax in a cafe

After a day of sightseeing and shopping, you can relax with a look at the cute little cafe in Insadong to recharge energy and enjoy the beverages particularly attractive.You possess yourself a chance to set foot and explore the new land, do not hesitate, just book tour to cheap Korean Insadong neighborhood to discover the beauties has a will not double in country.

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